Freaking out

Lately I've been feeling a little bored.  I flip through magazines and blogs at record speed, barely feeling like anything registers because it feels like so. much. the. same.


But then!



Okay, so I generally hate it when people post whole spreads from the glossies.  I feel like that content is getting "scooped" for me and I prefer to experience it in the magazine first.  But I am making an exception because you guys!  The brick work!  The headboard!  Those sculptural roman shades!

I love what the designer has to say about artisan's creativity:

People kept asking me to sketch everything out, and I said, "No, I'm not drawing the herringbone fireplace or those angled tiles."  I need artists I can tell, "Here's how I want this to feel.  Don't think too much!  Get excited!  Put your energy into it!"  All these tile setters would come up to me, beaming, to show me what they had done with subtle tone changes, like they were putting their own stories into the house.

The designer is Erin Martin, and now I am down the rabbit hole of her pinterest pages and her website (which is NOT your average cookie cutter designer white box of a site!).  The story is in House Beautiful, so go buy it if you don't subscribe.

My faith in creativity and originality is fully restored.