Crochet shams

Sometimes I realize that I have suggested the same item to many clients, without any of them biting. And sometimes when this happens it turns out that I am the one who really wants whatever it is that I'm pushing.  Whoops!  Luckily, I'm very easy about clients saying "no" and I have a strict policy that if you don't like it I won't try to put it in your home.  (Seems obvious, but surprisingly isn't how all decorators operate.)

Case in point: crochet shams.  It's no secret that I love a pillow case with a pretty detail--the ones that look great and can actually be used.  Linen shams with a crochet edge are the perfect example, and they bring in texture instead of pattern.

When PBTeen recently had theirs on sale for the price of a regular old pillowcase, I snapped up a pair.

They're no longer available, but the whole Pottery Barn family does a great job with these--not too fussy, not too country, not too sweet.

PB Kids version has a smaller, more delicate edge, but the same even scalloping.  The colors are pretty for a kids room, but for an adult space I would stick with the white or the (surprisingly sophisticated) grey.

The Pottery Barn version is scaled like the PBTeen, but a little more detailed and delicate.

When we registered for our wedding, I chose plain white cotton napkins made special by a simple crochet edge.  I love how this detail makes them prettier, but also brings another layer to a space--in the case of my guest room, I love the femininity coupled with the hotel bedding.  And paired with the embroidered suzani, it's just a bit Bohemian, too.

What about you:  anything you've always wanted in home decor?  Will you treat yourself?

P.S. I posted two days in a row--crazy, I know.  Don't miss yesterday's post.