Quick Tip for twin beds

Sometimes it's the little things that trip you up.

My girls' room has been basically done for quite a while (after the initial design, the floorplan change, the redesign plan, the re-redesign plan, and the rug switch), but for some reason I could never pin down the pillows on their beds.  I bought several new options when I was getting things ready for the photo shoot, but ultimately I went with something I had, and remembered a good lesson in the process.

The best pillows for Twin beds are King pillows.

Why?  Because a king pillow is almost the full width of a twin bed, making for a seamless look.

In fact, when you don't have an upholstered headboard, layer a king pillow in a sham (not a pillowcase) behind a standard pillow for a finished look, like we did here:

The purple shams = king, the white pillowcases with green ric rac = standard.

With a headboard, I like a king pillowcase and a small accent pillow.  That's what I finally did in the kids' room, and I love it!

The king pillows are vintage Laura Ashley with pink ticking stripes and a ruffle on the other end.  The accent pillows I made with fabric leftover from this sweet space.  They are basically these.   I made them at midnight before the shoot and haven't actuallys ewed them closed at the bottom.

 Now the only problem is that my change-loathing 8 year old is not on board, so I have to switch this out with her "old" pillows every day.  Fingers crossed that someday she'll get on board....

Heather Peterson