Occupational Hazard: Starting Over at All Times

My love of wicker and rattan knows no bounds.  Seriously, I should live in Florida.  From my wicker shelves in my college dorm room (so cool, friends, so very very cool) to my ongoing obsession with Peter Dunham's Marilyn chair, I just can't get enough.

Occupational hazard: I am constantly finding great pieces that tempt me to start over (before I have even finished in the first place.)  Whilst searching for a Queen size (and budget friendly) replacement for the Land of Nod headboard in my last post, I came across a number of darling pairs of bamboo, rattan, or wicker headboards.  where were these when I was doing my girls' room?

I want them all.  If I wasn't already on the second iteration of my girls room in 4 years (including building and then reupholstering the headboards) I would consider one of these sets for sure.

I guess I need a beach house to furnish on the cheap.