Dunzo. Teeny tiny sunburst mirrors.

I shared a sneak peek of a bedroom lo these many years ago.

Since then, the draperies were installed (dusty lavender silk dupioni!)  and the custom throw pillows were made (Schumacher makes everything better!), but it was still missing just one little thing.

To balance the high ceilings and the wish-it-were-slightly-bigger painting over the bed, I wanted a pair of small gilded sunbursts on either side, but I didn't want to pay a mint.

Ask, and HomeGoods shall deliver.

Someday I will photograph the whole room, with a real camera.

More proof that sunbursts belong anywhere!

Here are a couple of other spaces with tiny sunbursts:

Get your tiny sunbursts here.  Or if you're cheap like me, here.
Don't ask me why they all come in sets of three!