8 Ways with Trunks

New Feature!

Picture this: you make an impulse purchase at a flea market on something cool you simply can't live without.  Or a relative downsizes and you inherit something ah-mazing.  But: where do you put it?

This new series will offer you inspiration for those one-of-a-kind pieces that may seem better at flashing their personality than serving any real practical purpose.

Without further ado: trunks!  Here's the thing about an old trunk.  While it is full of mystery, it i actually just a good sized, sturdy rectangle, which makes it easy to find its multiple uses.

End of Bed
In my house, we were the lucky recipients of my husband's grandmother's cedar chest.  This piece has floated around a bit until settling into a fairly permanent home at the end of our bed, where it holds infrequently used blankets (and my kids baby quilts), while hosting a collection of design books and warm throws on top.

The great thing about trunks is that they come in every style, which means you can use them in any decor.  Some additional examples at the end of a bed:

Before we leave the bedroom, let's take a look at trunks as nightstands.

Coffee Table
Probably the next most obvious use is as a coffee table.  In fact, I just saw this use in a floor display at Pottery Barn.

Side table
And in a similar vein, smaller trunks make lovely side tables.

Entry bench
With a little cushion on top, trunks can make a great entry bench (how about storing sports equipment or out of season gear inside?)

Or how about using one as a bar?

Okay, that's six.  The great thing about a trunk is that you can always use it as a layering piece.

Layered under a coffee table (or kitchen island)

Layered under a console table

Okay, I may have cheated a little with that last one....but you get the idea.

So tell me: is this too many images?  Or do you like all that inspiration?

I know you're just dying for a trunk now.  In case you don't have one, I'll round some up tomorrow.

See you then,


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