Oops...I bought a rug

Here's what happened.

I thought this was the perfect rug for my dining room

(save for the $6000 price tag).

I recently decided this one would work well, especially in keeping with my new found Kathryn M Ireland obsession.

(if only it was wool and not cotton.)

I had the sample floating around the dining room for a while, feeling like it had just the palette I was after. My price for a 9x12 was going to be under $400...not bad at all.  But I didn't pull the trigger.

Yesterday, I was alerted by the blog Kiki's list that One Kings Lane was featuring Stark rugs.  I headed on over to take a look for a client.  (No really, I swear.)

I spotted a striped wool flat weave with the green of my curtains and the blue of my chairs and the brown from around the house and the red (or orange) I was hoping to add.  Just, alas, no yellow.  It was available in several sizes, and the posted price range went up to around $1550.  I clicked through, even though that was way more than I was planning to spend.

But no.  The 9x12price popped up: $149.  Where's the other zero?  I thought.  I put it in my cart, convinced the error would be corrected.  Nope.

And so, in a month (why a MONTH?)  I will have a 9x12 Stark flatweave wool dhurrie for the bargain price of approximately 95% off retail.

With colors that, now that the thrill has worn off, I have to admit will probably not...quite...work.  But who knows?  Also...returns accepted within 14 days.

Do you make impulse purchases when the numbers are "too good to pass up?"