What would YOU choose?

Oh, people.

I am stumped.

I came back from our long weekend away refreshed, and with clarity on what I want for most of the remaining projects in my house.

MOST.  But not all.

The living room rug continues to plague me.  I think this is largely because rugs are such an investment, and I buy good ones once every 10 years or so (with smaller/cheaper ones thrown in along the way as needed).  So unlike paint ($50 and a couple of hours of my time), the rug decision feels weighty.

Here are the current choices.

Clearly I have decided on a vibe, and no, it is no longer the thing I was so sure it was going to be back in August.
Any of these rugs work with the look, and with the room, which currently looks sort of like this.  

(Ignore the colors in the painting and throw pillows--all changeable, friends.)

My issues with the rugs come down mostly to color and the challenge of photos.

The middle rug is called "blue" but looks grey.  Blue works, grey doesn't, and it is not returnable.  The bottom rug ties all the neutrals of the room together perfectly--but is the background too yellow?  My husband fears it will blend (badly) with the floor.

And the top rug?  Oh, the top rug is my favorite.  It is vintage.  It is ivory (ish) with the black and orange of the coffee table and the red I am bringing in to the overall color scheme.  In fact, before I priced it, I said this was it if I could afford it (I can).  But it is 7x9 and I would need to layer it over a sisal, a look my husband does not love.

So tell me: what would YOU do?

Heather Peterson