Tile Tats

At book club last night, we found ourselves laughing about the tile in my friend Lisa's new (old) house: hand-painted fruits and vegetables in 24 individual designs, scattered about on all four walls of the kitchen.  (Lisa, send me a photo so these folks can truly understand the problem!)

Now, these tiles I'm sure had their day. The problem is, that day is not today, and Lisa and her family are planning to just live with them until they eventually gut the kitchen.

I was reminded of a product I stumbled upon a while back.

Tile Tattoos from Mibo in the UK.  So smart, right?  They are waterproof when applied, and removable when you're done (great for renters.)  The drawbacks?  Well, they only come in two designs right now, the slightly Moroccan one above, and a very Atomic 50s look, below.

At 12.50 British pounds per set of 8, they aren't super cheap--but way cheaper than replacing the tile, and a lot of look for the dough.

What do you think: would you give your tile a tat?

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