Swan's Way

It feels like we're really cycling through the animal trends, people.  Elephants, Camels, Horses, and of course that age old favorite, cats.

Well, how about swans?

Cottage Living

The Style Files

Little Green Notebook

Fenton and Fenton

Nina Campbell for Osborne and Little

via Sadie and Stella.

(Always wanted to use this paper in chartreuse!)

And of course, the swan in my own guest room...

I feel compelled to tell you I have had this photograph for AGES, just ages.  (In fact, you can see it in my Brooklyn bedroom in 2001).  A photographer friend gave it to me back when I was in the biz, and it was one of the first pieces I had professionally framed.

If you want in, Jenny rounded up some prints here, or there are these lovelies through Natural Curiosities. 

Swan Song 3

Swan Song 4

 Beautiful, yes?

What say you: animal art?