Letting it be

Yesterday's post maybe seemed a little random.

This is going to make it more random at first, but bear with me.

I am refinishing my first piece of furniture.  The little desk in the girls' room was inherited from my mother (or my Aunt or their cousin--there are three of these and who knows which is which?  I have one and my brother has one and the third?  Well, again, who knows?)

The finish is old and brown and heavy, and I have been planning to strip it and use a liming wax to give it a sort of grayed-out look, a bit like the sunburst mirror above it.  (Once again a "free" mirror sparks a major change and a ton of labor!)  Seizing the fine weather before winter descends, I started the task this weekend.  It is not going well--full story in another post--but here's the thing:  Under the brown paint, the dresser is pine, and I immediately knew that the piece should be waxed, not limed.

I actually love waxed pine, especially when the knobs are pine, too (on my little desk, they are.)

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You see where this is going?
As in yesterday's advice to choose a frame for the picture, not the room, I believe it is best, likewise, to choose a finish for the piece, not the space.

Of course, a little waxed pine dresser does not work all that well in the girls' room, putting me in a bit of a quandry.

Of course, rules are also made to be broken.  So tell me: do you finish a piece for the piece or for the room?

P.S.  Guess what I got today?  ANOTHER ELEPHANT HAMPER!  Can you believe it?  Two!  The girls want to keep them both and name them Babaar and Celeste.  Both came from my lovely aunts, (neither of whom was the original owner of the little desk in this post), and one of whom suggested I make "please buy this for me" a regular feature.  Tempting....tempting!

Heather Peterson