Sneak Peek

I recently realized that I do a lot of little "sneak peeks" around here, but not so many "full reveals."  I'll tell you what: I finally understand why designers who work a lot don't always have a ton of spaces in their portfolios.  Many projects come together piece by piece over a long time, AND photo shoots are expensive, time consuming and a lot of work!

I have a ton of work wrapping up (or recently wrapped) that I'm proud of, and hoping to focus on some portfolio photography this fall.  Though I am pretty sure I said the same thing last fall.

At any rate, loving this bedroom as it comes together:

Ceiling, walls, and bedside chests happened a while ago, bed treatment and roman shades went in last week, lamps and upholstery still to come.  But how fun is that canopy??  The best part: we reused some old target curtains that had been on their windows to create softness behind the bed.

Can't wait for the final reveal on this one.

Hope you all had a lovely, restful labor day.