Two Ways

I haven't done a two ways post in a while, and they really are some of my favorites to create.

So when a friend form one of the design showrooms here told me she just bought some bedding, and that her color palette was coming together, and I showed her a headboard she loved that came in chartreuse and purple--her colors, along with black and white--well, a post was born.

I totally love this.  Feels a little Vivian Westwood with the plaid blanket, anglophile portrait pillow, and graphic black and white.  Also kind of makes me think of another blogger with a very distinctive style.

And this one feels more "me," like if I was taking the existing shams and those little footstools and making them work for me.  It appears I am obsesses with those Ikea sconces, too, which keep making their way into my boards!

Want to take a closer look?  First look here, second look here.