Inlaid Table a bunch of ways

I was pinning and tagging this weekend, cleaning some things up around here, when I noticed on some old posts that people said they really liked my series, One thing/two design styles.  So I thought I would bring it on back.

The idea for the series was to take an item that seems set in its ways and show how you could push it into a different realm.  The first one was quilts, two ways, where I showed a minimal and maximal version, but neither went "country," as quilts are wont to do.  (I also played around with crewel work, lantern chandelierszebra ottomans, floral bedspreads, and zebra rugs, though that wasn't officially part of the series.)

Today?  Inlaid tables.  I've always wanted a mother-of-pearl inlaid piece, though I am most partial to chests or chairs.  To me, the obvious way to use them is that sort of collected Anglo-Indian vibe.  Like so.

Lots going on there, but keeping most of the fabrics in solids and the pattern around the edges of the rug let the table star.  Classic English-y upholstery shapes and side tables and some "blue and whites" keep it from getting too wild.

You can also start with that bohemian vibe and add an edge with some black leather, mouille-style wall sconces, geometric lighting, and mid-century wood pieces.  Yes you can.

And how about a little more glamorous?  The overdyed rug and deep-seated teal sofa take this table all the way to hollywood, and gold tables and woven leather lamps never hurt when you're bringing on the bling.

And then there is the complete departure: coastal/beachy casual.

With blue for a little contrast and the texture of worn leather, driftwood, bamboo blinds, and a gilded tree stump table lamp, it's another win.

What do you think:  any favorites?  Number two is reaaaalllly doing it for me right now, but of course I've got dhurries on the brain.  And I've always wanted a Donald Baechler artwork.

Also.  Any item in your home (or on your wish list) that's stuck in its ways that I can help liberate?  Brutalist light fixture?  Spool bed?  Chinese cabinet?  Leave me a comment in the notes and I'll see what I can do.