I Heart Embroidered Textiles

I remember the first time I was really aware of a suzani used in home decor.

Ah, yes.  Love at first sight.

I have always loved textural/ embroidered ethic textiles, from the white mirrored coverlet from Morocco that I bought at the 26th street flea market in NYC (and which I regret daily having lost or foolishly given away in one of our moves), to the african textile that has been a wall hanging and a bed cover to the kantha quilts I just keep buying, this is one of my things.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a small vintage suzani at a local antiques store while shopping for accessories for a project!  In just exactly my palette: raspberry, coral, emerald, teal, gold.  And imagine my happiness at the price tag: just $28.  (Cheap to begin with, the vendor was having a 20% off sale.)

And guess where it went?

Oh, guest room.  Whatever will I do when one of my children insists on moving in and I don't get to play any more?

Want to see more suzani's in beautiful interiors?  Check out posts from Pure Style Home (Lauren was also initially inspired by that Elle Decor!), Cote de TexasLittle Green Notebook, and Once Upon a Tea Time.  There are gorgeous examples out there!