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Good morning!

Generally, I don't post pages from new issues of magazines.  But when the most recent issue of Traditional Home just came, with an advertisement for their online publication, I was surprised that it went live May 12 and I have not read a peep about it in the blogosphere.

I dove in, and it's good!

You might remember that Traditional Home made its first foray into on-line publishing last year in a partnership with Lonny, here.  This year they appear to be working solo, but the results are similar.  The market pages have sources that were actually new to me (and at a price point that is workable), like this and this.  Like last year, the well stories feature a bunch of "new traditionals": up and coming designers working on a traditional backbone, but infusing their own interpretation.  Here are some of my favorite spaces from the issue.

(I love color, but there are lovely spaces on the neutral end of the spectrum as well!)

Julie Goldman

Julie Goldman

Frances Merrill

Frances Merrill

Andrew Maier

Kristin Rocke

Heather Garrett

I have to say, I also actually READ most of the articles, and learned a thing or two.  The only thing I found a little strange is that the magazine still LOOKS like Lonny--especially the way page captions are done.  I would have thought a redesign would be in order.  But maybe next time?

All in all, well done!

Check it out, here.