Nate hits clearance

I have to admit, I have been stalking the end caps at Target, waiting for the Nate Berkus Home collection to hit clearance.  I am such a fan of his elegant-masculine-traveled aesthetic, but I didn't really "need" any accessories for my home.  (I did use several items from his collection in this project, which needs to be properly photographed and shared.)

But.  I am staging a house this week, and while I made a clean sweep of Target's clearance throw pillows in my client's color palette, I also picked up a few things for myself.  I am loving Nate's little hammered brass bowl on the side table above.  For $7, I think I can justify it.  It is empty now, but it will be filled in about 30 seconds with a collection of painted rocks, shells, my mom's old clip-on earring, squinkies, or whatever else my girls are treasuring these days.  In fact, my four-year-old's eyes lit up when she asked "is that for US?"

Money well spent.
Heather Peterson