Craving: Yellow

When I was a kid, my mom allowed me to choose the paint color in my room.  At the tender age of 4 or 5, I chose yellow.  I remember how bright that room was when the sun came pouring in, and the good feeling that it gave me.  Over the years, I have used yellow in my own home in many different ways, and it seems to show up as an accent in my client's spaces on the regular, too.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

But finding items in just the right shade can be tricky, as manufacturers follow trends, and for the last few years we've seen a ton of chartreuse and citron.  (Another favorite of mine, so I am not complaining!)  A client was particularly craving yellow recently but every single throw pillow and lamp seemed to have a green undertone.  As spring catalogs come my way, I'm noticing a reversal: today's yellow is becoming more clear: lemon or sunshine, or even leaning to the orange: marigold.  (Also quite a lot of butter, but that pale shade leaves me a little cold.)

Using all the yellow items I have saved to olioboard, I thought I would make a simple little round up.  But then I did that thing where I took an easy thing and made it hard: I set off on the search for every yellow thing under the sun (pun intended).  It overflowed into, well, LOTS of boards.

Accent Furniture





So much sunshine for this very grey Minnesota winter day!

Oh, sources, you say?  That might take a little while....stay tuned, or leave me a note if there is something you must know about.

Check out yellow in some of my old design boards for various clients: living room, living roomdining room, girls' shared room, girls' room, 9-year-old girls' room, plus boards just for fun, like the mixed-gender kids rooms or the floral bedspread 2 1/2 ways.

Tell me: do you love yellow, too?