Because this needs to happen

I posted a little late yesterday, so most of you may not have seen that I am selling the girls' curtains.

Why, you ask?

Oh, because this needs to happen.

Don't you think?

I had a completely different scheme in mind for the girls (maybe I'll show you that another day), but then I brought one of these world market curtain panels home for a client and bam!  Vision.

This dresser goes kelly green.  This light (finally) gets hung.  Yellow pineapple lamps go white.  Headboards may or may not get reshaped and/or tufted.  This pillow finds a new home.  Existing gourd lamp, swing chair, and pouf.

Of course the thing that sent the dominos falling (again) was the need for a rug, and when I spotted the yellow and cream moroccan tile wool rug on rugsusa for 50% off on the same day I fell hard for the curtains?  Well, sometimes it all just comes together.

(If I like it all in person--isn't that the kicker??!!)

So.  Know someone who would like to buy the existing curtains?  Email me.