Happy New Year!

Every year, I make a photo book of our year as a gift for all of our parents and grandparents (and, of course, for my girls, too.)  I always love the process of sorting through a year's worth of photos and organizing them into some kind of story of our life.  This year, I noticed something that took my by surprise:  I had a pretty unhappy year.  While there was nothing major to bring me down (thank goodness!), I was aware looking through the documentation that I was very absent in 2012 (literally: hey, why wasn't I at that event?  but also in an absence of presence, as in, even when my body was present, my mind was somewhere else.)  When I was present, I was stressed.  I was also a little selfish, maybe.  Or self-centered.

Last year, I wrote here about the crazy path of our lives over the past many years, and toyed with the mantra to choose joy.  Sifting through a year's worth of memories, I realize that I didn't live my mantra.  Maybe not even once.  Not even a little bit.  Not at all.

So.  How about trying again?

After a week off (really off, little work, no blogging, no blog reading, no design anything, actually), I came home to a pile of magazines and catalogs and found myself inspired, with a million idea for my home, for my clients, and for the blog.

But--this is key!  I think I'll ease into it.  I think I'll also tone down my own expectations with a mantra that goes something like this:

Choose just a little happier.

Manageable, right?  I sure hope so.

One thing that is making me happy these days is the velvet leopard throw pillow my Mom was kind enough to give me for my birthday, from Arianna Belle.  Our guest room is at the top of the stairs, and every time I go up or down I poke my head in there and smile.  (If it's dark, I turn on the light.  I'm weird.  I know.)

Sometimes it's the little things, right?

How about you: feeling inspired for the new year?

Heather Peterson