Sneak peek

I've been working on my old bedroom at my parents' house in bits and pieces.  While it is not quite done (I need to sew the curtains and hang the art!), I'm getting impatient and showing you a peek.

Somehow, I don't have a good before picture.  (Well, without digging through my high school albums, anyway.)  My parents built the house in 1989-1990, and they let me decorate my room back then, too.  My 16 year-old self went peach and mint all the way, with matching custom chair, bedskirt, and shams in a very trendy abstract reminiscent of splatter paint.

Nice deco styling on the chair, no?  The wallpaper--an abstract tulip motif--was the same as my previous bedroom, but in a different colorway.  Over the years, random bits and pieces were added to update the space (and to fill the gaps when I inherited the armoire and headboard from the set in this room, which has been my parents in our old house.  Did you get all that?  You know, this headboard and that armoire.)  For example, my mom added bamboo side tables.

(Oh, you mean this bamboo side table?)  Apparently, if it weren't for awesome hand me downs, my house would be basically empty.

Anyway, we finally had the room painted last week, and here's where we are at.

(The carpet is eventually going.  Oh, and I blogged the chair transformation here.)  

Here is a progress shot with the new furniture and bedding but with the old wallpaper.  

Doesn't that deep wall color just make ALL the difference?

More details on the projects and sources if (when!!!) I ever finish.

Next week: more peeks, and a giveaway.

Enjoy your weekend!