Drapery Rods and Hardware: new custom-look options

One of those "it's all in the details" areas I often skimp on is curtain rods and hardware.  It doesn't shame me to admit this.  Often, if you hang your curtains high, the rod is not particularly visible anyway, and the truth is, the cost gap between a rod from target and a custom rod is vast.  Since I work with many clients who want to stretch their dollars, I have certainly advocated for cheap rods to allow a little splurge elsewhere (or to make sure we can do everything in the room within budget.)  None of my own curtain rods are custom.

All of that said, I know that many rooms call for more substantial hardware.  This client's 12-foot drapes would have eaten a smaller rod alive, and this bedroom's large furniture required balance.  Additionally, if you are opening and closing your drapes constantly, telescoping rods (the ones that can extend because they are made in two or three pieces) can catch your drapery rings or panel headers, making it a big pain in the butt to utilize their function.

Okay.  Guess what?  A compromise has arrived.  Lowes and Bed Bath and Beyond are both offering limited collections of wood rods that can be cut to length on site.

Lowes Allen+Roth brand:

Bed Bath and Beyond's Cambria Collection:

Excuse the cell phone pics.  I took them to show a client, but it turns out the websites for these stores are not particularly useful where these products are concerned.

With both collections, the rods come in three lengths, 4, 6, and 8 ft, and can be cut to measure.  (Not by the store: by you.)  Rods also come in two widths, which we will call thinner and fatter, and there is some variation of smooth, fluted, and twisted. They come in black, white, and two tones of wood, and each collection does have several finial options and tie backs.

While they are more expensive than Target rods, they are still cheaper than telescoping rods from pricier big box stores like Restoration Hardware, and you get that custom look.

I am testing some from Lowes in a project and will let you know how it goes.

I'm excited!