Art to Benefit Sandy Relief

I love this movement of art for disaster relief--I feel like many artists are such humanitarians, it makes sense to me that art could contribute both directly and indirectly to the mitigation of troubled times. I always sort of wish I had one of the Milton Glaser I Heart NY More than Ever prints as a reminder/remembrance of 9/11. In this era of instant news and quick forgetting, there is something appealing to me about an artwork that reminds us of tragedy--both to keep us focused on gratefulness but also to keep us mindful or the sometimes surprising upside of difficult events: a sense of community, connectedness, or faith.

 After the Earthquake in Japan, there was this.

Already, there are two editions out with sales benefiting the relief effort.

Blue Marble, 20x200, buy here

Purchase here (NJ print also available)

Art to support the losses of the storm are especially poignant, considering this.
Somehow, I think it is the most unexpected, unpredictable losses that hit the hardest.
Heather Peterson