A sneak peek at the coffee table

Friends, it is overcast here this morning and we know I am not a whiz with the camera, but I thought you might like to follow along as I process the coffee table.

My very first thought was that it is too big.  But I don't think so anyore: sometimes the best thing in a smaller room is to fill it with fewer, bigger things.  It is making me feel motivated to tackle the last big project in this room: a large scale painting in a deep frame to hide the TV.  The TV is hard wired into the wall, leaving us only one placement option, and it is a bit more visible than I would like.

I'm hunkering down and tackling projects this week, sewing curtains, doing some little upholstery bits and pieces.  Usually I like the mix of hands-on, brain work, numbers work, and project management my job offers, but this week I am looking forward to spending most of my time making.

Happy Monday!

Heather Peterson