Use what you have: floor pillows

Moving from a small place to a big place sometimes leaves you with casualties.  Items you love and that worked perfectly in your old place may now be the wrong scale.

I have clients who moved from a small apartment in San Francisco to a large house in Minneapolis, leaving the with lots of empty space.  They had exactly one rug, and it was a 5x7.  With no place to put it, we decided to transform it into a pair of oversized pillows for their king bed, which will live on the floor much of the time.

We simply centered the lovely crewelwork pattern, used the rugs' canvas backing as the pillow backs, and voila.

Before you toss something you love, think about how you might reuse it!

Happy weekend friends.  It's my 20 year high school reunion tomorrow night, and I can't wait!  Any exciting plans on the books for you?