This is how it starts

I'm always thinking not just about how our space looks and functions NOW, but also how it will need to evolve in the future.  The needs of kids change year by year, and I am always trying to adapt to suit those needs without breaking the bank.

In the girls' shared room, I have long imagined adding simple parsons desks (I've had my eye on these) and a pair of ghost chairs (that we already own) to the foot of their beds for homework, writing, and artwork.  But my older daughter started getting homework this year (eek!) and it occurs to me that by the time they both have serious homework, they will also seriously want their own rooms.

So just like that, I find myself looking for one little desk to put between their beds.  Here's what the room looks like now (basically):

A rug will come back in with the cold weather.  The girls want "princess beds," so we may make some kind of canopy situation, and raise the beds off the floor since the little one seems adjusted to sleeping in a twin bed and never falls out any more.  (I think she only actually fell out once, and it was 2 years ago, but I like to be cautious.)

I was envisioning a simple white parsons desk, something clean and modern that won't fight with anything else in the room.  And craigslist delivered this:

image 1
New in box, for cheap, and the dimensions are perfect.  I could pair with the aforementioned white ghost chair, or move this little chair over and paint it black.

(That is a WAY "Before" of the guest room!)

But I am all about looking a gift horse in the mouth.  The parsons desk is exactly what I pictured, but what if there is something BETTER?  What if my first instinct was wrong and I didn't think about it enough?

Some options, currently available on craigslist.  I'm curious what you all think.

Awesome industrial tanker dress, sized down and painted pink.  I've always wanted one of these desks for myself, and oh, is it cute in pastel!  (Downside: most expensive, and the pinks could seriously clash.)

image 0

How about a little secretary?  I like the pretty shape without getting too fancy in that fake-frenchy way.  Also love that the inevitable clutter could be shut away.  (Downside: no space for a table lamp.)

Another similar option, though without the benefit of a closed front:

image 3

And then there is the wicker.  Oh, how I love wicker.  Always have, always will.  These are both parts of sets with pretty high price tags, which makes me think the owners wouldn't split them up, but you never know.

image 0

image 1

While I like the added storage of the options with drawers, I might prefer the symmetry of the options without drawers.

And this is how it goes: something I wasn't anticipating needing yesterday, and all of a sudden I'm researching my options today.  So much so that I will share a round up of my picks for affordable, small-scale desks tomorrow!

What do you think: do you have a favorite?