Art wall, updated

I am tardy for good reason this morning: we have a new niece!  My sister-in-law went into labor in the middle of the night, and I went to stay with my nephew.  We had a busy morning getting all three kids to two schools, and I'm playing catch up before picking them all up and hitting my brother's 40th birthday party.  A busy day indeed for our clan.

Anyway, as promised. Voila.

I tinkered with the art wall last weekend, and am loving the results.

As a reminder, in the beginning, there was this.

Which became this.

Which, in hindsight, looks skimpy to me.

A while back, I added a black and white photo of my girls in a frame I unearthed from my wedding.  Then I wanted to add a photo from my wedding day and the silhouette Clio made me for mother's day when she was 3 (with the help of a teacher!)

I like how the silhouette is such a bigger scale than anything else.  Typically I would center the largest image, but I like how it thrown it just enough off balance.  I was very scientific in updating the layout: my major goal was to avoid lots of extra holes in the wall, so I used existing nails and ended up with a nicely "off" arrangement.

You can also see my little Moroccan table update.  Last you saw, it was red.

I kept the red underneath but went orange on the outside. Fun two-tone!

Back to the wall, I love have such a personal arrangement in the bedroom.  If you want my full on tutorial on the art of art walls, go right on over here.

Have a great weekend!
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