Easy peasy canopies (and a giveaway)

Doesn't that make you want to say "can-o-peasies?"  Or is it just me?

I've been staging a house.  The owners are adorable and have made a ton of great choices, like painting out the upper half story white (it was knotty pine) and installing white flooring, thereby making the long narrow room as expansive as possible.  (Also creating ombre stairs to that space, as shared here.)  But, they have been living in 1100 square feet with their two kids, two dogs, and two guinea pigs for long enough that they started to lose perspective.  It happens.

After lots of clearing out and refocusing rooms, the house is looking great and will be on the market soon.  My favorite change?  To make the most of the sloped ceiling upstairs and mask some odd doors and built in nooks in the walls, we made a pair of canopies from inexpensive fabric.

Cute, yes?

The best part?  We put them up with velcro.  Quick directions (if you sew):

-hem the bottom 4 inches
- put in 1 1/2 inch hems on both sides
- put in a 3 each hem at the top
- get some velcro for decor projects.  This kind has adhesive on one side and you sew on the other.
- adhere the sticky side to the place where the wall meets the ceiling and where the half wall meets the straight wall.  (Allow 24 hours to fully cure).
- sew velcro to the top of your panel
- put your panel up at the top, drape to determine how much fullness you want (we did not want a a lot), and pin in two spots across the fabric where the second strip of velcro will go
- sew in second strip of velcro

Alternately, you could use a pre-made curtain panel and just sew the rod pocket closed on the sides to avoid sagging.  Easy!

Hey, you know what else?  A little GIVEAWAY today.

Shabby Apple is offering a $50 gift card to the winner.  Check out their adorable, vintage-inspired line on their website.  To enter, do any of the following, then leave me one comment here for each action (and while your at it, tell me your favorite item from  Shabby Apple):

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If I won the gift card?  I would choose this skirt:

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Stripes!  Shocking, I know.