Non-neon brights

Neon is everywhere nowadays, but unless it's something you love longtime, it is going to feel dated, fast.
To get the same effect--a jolt of shiny, happy color--try pairing a couple of intense brights instead.  The result is much more timeless, but still daring and fun.

The key?  Temper it with a whole lot of white.

Mango + candy apple red + turquoise + minty sage

Sunflower + lip gloss pink + kelly green
Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Kelly green + orange + red

Turquoise + Raspberry + Sunshiney yellow

Raspberry + Turquoise + Chartreuse

Or throw them against some beige, and ground it all with a deeper "neutral"

Teal + Cobalt + Orange + Raspberry (+ Navy "neutral")

Hot pink + Magenta + Ochre (+ Plum "neutral")

Hot orange + blush pink (+ Sage "neutral")

What do you think: are you loving brights?