The Elephant in the Room

Camels are having a moment.  Horses were all over our walls (well, Michelle Adams' walls.  And John and Sherry's.  And Thom Filicia's.  You get the idea.).  Owls were pretty huge for a while there.  And of course we can continue to joke about putting a bird on it.

Have you noticed that elephants have quietly taken over?  This trend has been around for a while but man, is it hitting saturation right now.  I have long loved John Robshaw's elephant pillows, and recently spotted this one that sort of kind of reminded me of them, you know, in a "look for less" kind of a way.

Elephants are all over Robshaw's new and excellent fabric collection for Duralee, and Lulu DK is using them in her kids line for Schumacher.  PB Kids has elephant sheets, and 70s throwback elephant wicker is turning up in a couple of places, too.  For your convenience, a round up.

Elephant throw pillows

Sources here

Elephant Sculptural objects

Sources here.

And, Elephant Bedding, wallcoverings, fabrics.

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There are TONS of great options out there, if elephants are your thing.  (World Market has THREE PAGES of options if you search for "elephant," and don't even get me started on Jonathan Adler.)  But it can also go wrong, fast.  To see what I mean, just do a search for "elephant" in "home and kitchen" on  You will suddenly appreciate the quiet majesty of the elephants pictured here.

Happy weekend, folks!