Inspired by: Smash

So, I will admit: I just got a little carried away.

I was going to write a "get the look for less" post (like this) based on the apartment of composer Tom in the show Smash.  (Are you watching?)

But in my search for an inspiration picture of Tom's place, I found this article in the LA Times about set decoration on the show, which shares lots of sources for the apartment--most of them already qualifying for the "less" in "look for less".  Yay LA Times, boo me.  (By the way, my favorite insight from the set designers is their choice of an all-white kitchen for the character Julia, with the intention that she would never quite feel comfortable at home.  This is the power of design, for good or evil.)

Anyway, so then I got to thinking: it's really the vibe of the apartment that I'm liking, not so much every last piece.  The mostly masculine, slightly tribal, warm wood and Danish lines, mix up of textiles vibe.  Against pre-war bones, of course.

So I made a mood board that gets at the spirit--not the letter--of the apartment.


I had a lot of fun tinkering with this until, wouldn't you know it, I had moved away from something of the edge of the original.  I think it has to do with losing the black in the curtains and the global--not modern--fabrics on the couch.

But I would love this room, especially set against those glorious picture moldings painted just the right white. I would snuggle in to that ultra-deep sofa, against my batik pillows from fellow blogger Amber's shoppe, dig in to my book club books--currently Wild and Unbroken--and pour myself a negroni.  That's right, the bar cart is stocked to make one drink and one drink only: my favorite.  Equal parts Campari, gin (we're partial to Hendrick's), and vermouth (if you like it sweeter, go Martini and Rossi; stronger and drier, try Carpano Antica.)  Put the needle on the record, friends.