This is what my basement looks like right now.

Off to install a bunch of headboards/back rests and other bits and pieces today--can't wait to see it all in the space!

I used to make headboards using an old hand held staple gun.  With lots of layers (like in a corner), the staples barely held, and I would always walk away with bruised hands.  A while back, my father in law gave us an air compressor, so after some research, my husband picked up a pneumatic staple gun for me.

Surebonder Pneumatic Staple Gun, Model 9600 | Buy Item# 259600 now for only $37.99

Since we already had the compressor, this was only a $40 investment, and it made these projects go much, much, MUCH faster, and the staples really hold on.  The end result is a much cleaner, more professional piece.

If you plan to take on some DIY upholstery, I can't recommend this highly enough!