I've never been one for seasonal decorating.  With the possible exception of swapping in lighter bedding, when a room is done around here, it's done.


This year, with the early onset of spring in these parts, I found myself thinking about a reboot.  This is foolish, and will most likely not happen.  It's not like I have a bunch of extra money ling around to buy more stuff.  But I  made many of the decisions in our current decor in the winter, and I can't help but feel like I would like to lighten things up.

First, I would swap out the orange moroccan-inspired rug in the living room for one of these instead.

Twill Stripe Jute Rug - Bleached Ivory

Heck, maybe I'd make the same change in the dining room, or temporarily do away with the rug altogether.

Then I would swap the silk curtains in the dining room and guest room for linen or cotton.  Easy breezy.  Maybe I would get these from ikea and block print them myself.  Maybe with this motif?

(Why does warm weather make me want to block print everything in sight?  And I've never even been to India.)

Or, if budget is no object, I might use some of this.

Fern Star in Yellow - By the Yard

So pretty. Designed by blogger Lauren Liess.

I would brighten up my bedding with a heavy does of white.

Swiss Dot Duvet Cover + Shams - White/Slate

For the master--or maybe the guest room?  For some reason, I am completely smitten with swiss dot.  Makes me think of Tib in Betsy, Tacy, Tib.  Anyone outside of Minnesota read these books as a child?  (If you have a daughter, I highly recommend them.)

I would probably move the swing chair from the girls room down into the living room, ans spend my days swinging lazily while I read House Beautiful and drink Pimm's cups.  Oh yes, the best summer drink of them all.  We've been all about the Negroni all winter, but time to go with something a bit more refreshing.

So, this is weird for me.  For two years, I have been working hard to finish things up around here.  I don't know if it's working as a decorator or simply working from home that's doing it to me, but for now, I can't help but daydream about natural textures and breezy linens.

What about you: do you switch it up by the season?

Heather Peterson