Yellow and Lavender

Sometimes when I am sourcing items for a new design, I pull a few too many options and find it difficult to choose.  Working on a room for two girls in the under-ten set, I decided to throw it out to them to choose.

Molly's girls major purple and yellow round up

The walls will be palest purple.  The bunkbed is maple.  The dresser and new built-ins will be white.  The goal was to intermix the purple and white with fresh yellow.  The elements that could bring these colors together included curtains, bedding, floor seating, and a bedside table.

Let's call them (left to right) kiddie global, fresh cuntry, girly romantic, global mod, and modern cottage, shall we?

You know what amazed me (and the girls' mom)?  Their choice was unanimous.

Which would you pick?