The whole world in your hands (a giveaway)

Okay, I promised you a board today, and I gotta tell you, this one is all kinds of shocking to me.  Where is the color?  Where are the layers?  But I have to say, I kind of want to move right in.  And I would do my best to resist the addition of throw pillows.  I mean, with a bed like that...

You may be more surprised to find that this room was inspired by this globe.

The people at Kirklands offered to send it to me to check it out in close up, but I politely declined.  No gifts, for me, thanks.  But they've got one for you, and that I can get behind.

How about a $50 gift card for one of you to check out the goods.  That's right, it's time for a little GIVEAWAY!

Entry is simple.  I swear and I promise.

1. Follow this blog!  See in the sidebar, on the right over there, where it says "followers"?  And underneath it says "join this site"?  Click that and follow the directions.  Then leave me a comment here letting me know you did.  (Plus, people, I've been hovering around the 100 mark for months.  Let's just blow past it, shall we?)

2.  Follow Love Your Space on facebook and leave me a comment here telling me all about it.

3.  Follow me on twitter.  actually, scratch that, I'm a terrible tweeter.  I can't say anything in 144 characters or less.

4.  Don't follow me on pinterest.  Seriously, people.  I have way more pinterest followers than blog followers, and the former is really just fodder for the latter.  So follow the blog, peeps.  And let me know about it.

5. For an additional entry, let me know the greatest thing one can get for $50 from Kirklands.  Or the most ridiculous, if you are feeling saucy.

Also, read the giveaway fine print here.

And check out the goods, here.

And next week, let's say, oh, Wednesday at midnight, I'll pick a winner at random.

Get your entries in--you don't want my mother in law to win another giveaway, do you?  (Actually, her birthday is on Monday, so let's all pull for her.  Happy Birthday Barb!)