Sometimes my job is crazy

Yesterday, I hung a giant taxidermy marlin in a dining room.

And it is awesome.

I was working with a friend/client to put some of the finishing touches on her home (following a drawn-out renovation), and as we gathered artwork from around the house, there it was, an 8-foot fish, hanging from a bunch of chains in the basement.  (Chains as mounting mechanism = men are weird sometimes.)  My client's husband caught it deep sea fishing on a trip to Mexico, and the pre-set deal had been that any catch over 8 feet could come home with them.  (of course, when this deal was made the assumption was that there would NOT be a catch of that size.)

The only wall in the whole house that was really big enough to handle this guy was in the dining room.  With a somewhat open floor plan, you see him from the entryway, the living room, the kitchen, the mudroom--and, of course, from the dining room table.

I'm so curious to hear from my client how her husband reacted when he came home.

And of course, in the marlin's honor, some favorite interiors that manage to incorporate a giant fish, chic as can be.

This is the room I was picturing in my head all day:

From Domino.  So snazzy on a simple white fireplace with some broken-in leather.
And then there are these:


Fun-loving Style
Coastal Living

Poolside Paradise
Coastal Living

My Home Ideas

Coastal Living

Apparently, these things work in all styles and in all rooms, including--ahem--the bathroom.  How's that for a showermate?

via LA Times

And finally, if the real thing is just not for you, how about this?

white marlin sculpture in nautical dining room

That's right, a marlin sculpture, in glam white, on a yacht, thanks to Kelly Wearstler.

What do you think: would you hang a giant fish in your home?
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