Have you seen this?

Editor's note: I should clarify: This is NOT my content.  This is an excerpt from a tumblr started by someone else.  My sense is that the "f---" is an insult in some cases, and sort of a jealous comment in others, and in both cases is the personal opinion of the person behind the site.  While I can see it being problematic to use actual people's photos (just not nice), at the same time it seems like a tongue in cheek way to express a feeling towards trends.  But I'm curious what you all think!

Have you seen this tumblr?

An example:

Fuck your thing that says EAT in your kitchen.
Fuck your thing that says EAT in your kitchen

Fuck your ornamental vintage typewriter.
Fuck your ornamental vintage typewriter

As readers (and writers) or design blogs, I ask you: offended?  Or amused?

I'm amused.  Here, I'll add on of my own.

Fuck your bunting.

There. that kind of felt good.

There are definitely trends I don't get out there, and I don't always feel at ease mentioning them.  This tumblr--so simple--is a brilliant way to take them on.

Is there a big trend out there that makes your eyes roll?

Do tell.
Heather Peterson