Hi friends.

I have to say, I've been feeling a little uninspired about blogging lately.  It can happen, right?  Normally I pride myself on my diligence and consistency, but my posts were starting to feel a little diligent and consistent to me.  So I took a little break, kind of accidentally.

But guess what?  Totally inspired.

Do you remember this post from my favorite series?

Well, my friend Rachel saw it and decided to interpret it in her own home.  We had talked about it so I knew the project was a-foot, but I just got the photos in my inbox today.

I have a post on stair risers half-written somewhere, but these two photos are so lovely and joyous, I just had to share.  Aren't those kids just about the cutest thing ever?  Nadia is particularly stylish.

This is the stairway to the kids playroom, and I love how airy and dreamy it is.  Actually, it reminds me of this beach house from Muriel Brandolini.  Love the cool, soothing palette.

Nice work, Rachel!  Who knows, maybe the inspiration will extend to that half-written post about stair risers.  Maybe tomorrow?