Upstairs, we have a long hallway with not much going on.  A bedroom door at each end, two doors along one side (to the laundry room and bathroom), contractor-grade flush mount lights on the ceiling.  C'est fini.

A while back I gave it a little upgrade with $60 worth of ikea frames and an art project I made myself.

And it's better, but still quite blah.

Why am I thinking about this?  Mostly because I am so over the tweaking and whining about the bedrooms up there.  Or maybe because I am avoiding teaching myself how to make roman blinds for the otherwise-basically-complete living room.  Whatever the reason, I find myself grabbing inspiration where I can.

I see four major options:

Big Color

[Architectural Digest]

Bold Wallpaper

[Luxe: Chicago]

Bold Hanging

Expanded Gallery Wall

[Steven Gambrel in Elle Decor]

I'll be rounding up images for each option over the next week or so, come on back!

I also spotted this hallway round up on this Brazilian blog.  I can't read the text, but I sure do like the images--check it out.