Art You Can Afford: Art We Love

I was at a client's yesterday placing his art in his new home, and making a plan for the remaining blank walls.  It made me realize I hadn't done a round up of affordable art in a while, and there are still some great sites to explore out there.

Case in Point: Art We Love

The structure is like 20x200, with editions available in a variety of sizes with larger being more expensive.  You can search by type of work (abstract, figurative, etc.), by artist, and by some interesting categories like artists from the Gagosian gallery or "As Seen on Nate."   Since we are talking about affordable art, I searched the "$15 and up" category and came up with some great picks.

Ponce by Sarah Trigg, 10x8, edition of 250, $25
Loving the sense of something organic being digitized, and the color palette is hot, hot, hot.

Kate by Servane Mary, 13.2 x 11, edition of 200, $50
I've been interested in the portrait revival lately, with an emphasis on vintage portraits or this sort of moody fashiony look.  

Daily Practice, 7

Daily Practice 7 by Molly Dilworth, 4x6, edition of 150 at $15

Love the colors here, and the organic forms, like water droplets or oil spill.  With the electric chartreuse and deep raspberry, I might need this for the girls room.  You can also watch a video of a studio visit with the artist over at the site.

Red Leaf Thicket
Red Leaf Thicket by Daniel Weiner, 8x10, edition of 250, $25
Again, I can't seem to get away from raspberry!  I like the texture in this, like one of those paintings we made as kids where you paint one side of the paper, fold it over, and get all that texture from paper on paper.

Boudoir Chandelier
Boudoir Chandelier by Madeleine Paternot, 14x11, edition of 500, $50
Feels like painting of vintage furnishings is a thing these days, too.  I like the brushiness of this one and the loose sensibility.  Feels like a drawing out of Madeleine.
Before Tulum
Before Tulum by Victoire Cathalan, 8x10, edition of 250, $25
What can I say?  I love a good post-apocalyptic scene and/or creation myth.  (Two points very close on the circle.)  And the brush strokes and color palette are so pretty in this watercolor.
Untitled by Alexander Ross, 14x11, edition of 200, $50
Is that yarn?  Puff paint?  Mushroom gills?  This one keeps you guessing.  I also love the contrast of the super textural forms with the flat planes of color.  It practically jumps off the page.

What do you think?

Go check it all out, here.

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