Getting back to Business


Lots of drama here in bloggerland. Have you noticed the wave of warning pages running through design blogs? If you tried to come to this site last Tuesday through Friday, you saw one here. A red, angry looking screen that tells you to STAY AWAY! for fear that my blog will inadvertently infect your computer with malware from a third party.

Turns out another blog that I link to was the accidental intermediary between my blog and evil spammer malware spreaders. So I took down my Daily Reads sidebar. Sad, I know, but it will go back up when all of this has passed. Then I asked google very nicely to remove the angry red page telling all my nice readers to go away. (Okay, actually my husband handled that part. He is much much more tech-savvy than I, and he happens to be our designated customer-service dealer-wither. Usually customer service representatives make me cry, or things get a little heated and then someone hangs up on someone and I'm not saying who.) It seems that google agreed with my husband and stopped warning everyone away. At least, I think so: isn't that why you're back?



So nice to see you.

I had a very productive week without all that blogging. Except the parts where I wrung my hands and tore my hair out trying to deal with the blog.
I have a number of projects happening in quite different styles and I'm loving how they are coming together. IT will be a while, but I can't wait to share elements as they come together.

Okay, so this is a post with a lot of words. How about I come back later with some pretty pictures. Just wanted to let you know I'm here.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Heather Peterson