Resource Round Up: Bloggers doin' it for themselves

I was at Target the other night, lamenting the lack of new shelter mags.  For some reason, it feels like AGES since I got a new glossy in the mail.  But guess what?  The interwebs is alive with the sound of pages turning.  Just in case you haven't seen, read, devoured them already, here are a few for your reading pleasure.

From Down Under, and featuring bloggers such as Anna Spiro, Caitlin Wilson, and Danielle Oakey, check out Adore Home

From Janell, DIY blogger extraordinaire at Isabella and Max Rooms, comes issue 2 of House of 50

House of Fifty Magazine

From bloggers at The City Sage, Coco+Kelley, Plush Palate, and Design Love Fest, comes the 6th issue of Rue

From Toronto, the latest issue of Covet Home, which goes inside one home per issue.

And new-to me Entra Magazine's Summer issue, discovered through Sue at The Zhush.
(While you're out exploring the hinterlands, perhaps you would like to shop her store, here.  But be warned:  you will likey.  Do not blame me if you want, and want, and can not have.)  While I'm disclaiming, Entra has a $12 subscription fee, but you can preview the first 100 pages gratis.  Isn't that nice of them?

Oh, and then there's Kirtsy.  From the likes of Design Mom and others.  Still figuring out what it is, but thinking I like it.

Go forth and be inspired.  Love 'em?  Hate 'em?  Report back to me, please.