Ikat Pillow

While I had my sewing machine out the other day, I decided to finally do something with this Duralee Ikat fabric that I bought for the living room.

A tiny bit of history.  Back when I bought it, I cut fabric for two 22 inch square pillow covers and even started sewing them to some cream velvet backs, only to discover that my sewing machine zipper setting would only run in reverse.  Before getting it looked at, I found other pillows I liked more, and--easy peasy--they were already made.  I figured I would eventually use the square pillows in the guest room, but that would mean new inserts and, well, you know how these things can spiral out of control.

Instead, I used a remnant of the ikat and the velvet backing, and made a little throw pillow for a 14 x 20 insert I had in the living room, awaiting a decision about the final fabric for that space.  To avoid the sewing machine issue (still haven't fixed it), I just made an envelope closure.

What do you think? (sorry that this room is near impossible to photograph between the navy walls and silk shantung curtains).

This was what I had before.

While I love, love, love those block-printed pillow cases, they were literally disintegrating, shredding before my very eyes.  So now I need to put cases on the two extra pillows, and just deciding if I'm going to stick with white or do something a little more exciting.  (Picking up the raspberry color seems like a good idea.)

Okay, sorry, yawn.  This is way too many words about a pillow.  It just seems like you MUST know all the background at all times.

Maybe all white pillows, plus a bolster in something fun?

Every time I think I'm done in this room, I'm just.....not....quite!