Super SUPER size me

I wrote about ovescale botanicals last week.  When the new issue of Lonny was delivered to my inbox tonight, I noticed a project that took the concept to another level.  (Or "a whole nuther" level, as those old Domino's ads would have said.  Anyone remember those?  Anyone else really bothered by them?  How about my penchant for tangents as of late, how are we feeling about that?)


Do you see what's going on there?  Designer Jarlath Mellett created custom wallpaper from his own photography writ large.

What do you think: yay or nay?

I think I'm partial to the two that have been quite abstracted--the gossamer tree on one wall of the living room (bottom image) and the sun-spotty branches behind that tan leather headboard (up top).  The others may be too literal for me, but perhaps I'm too much of a traditionalist at heart, and abstracted florals have been making their way into wallcoverings for about as long as there have been decorative wallcoverings (Lascaux?).

Oh, and check out the new issue of Lonny and let me know what you think.