Overscale Botanicals

I was having this momentary insanity thinking I should title this post "Feed me, Seymour!" but I fear that, apart from the obvious issues, I may be dating myself just a bit.

I've been noticing a ton of giant botanical images around the joint lately.  While I am satisfied--for now--with my framed artisan paper in the dining room, I'm always on the lookout for something better that I can afford or DIY, and looking at my inspiration folder I see an awful lot of these huge pairs of flowers.

This California home by Nathan Turner was the first one where I stood up and took notice.

I mean: yellow!  I love that each one is a single bloom, and that the composition places the flowers differently in each frame.  I have some old polaroids from a shoot at Real Simple where we shot really interesting flowers in bud vases on seamless for the monthly calendar (do they even still do this?), and I'm wondering if they have enough resolution to blow up this big.  Those were professionally shot and styled, but I bet, with a good enough camera, you could make your own version.

I'm also loving these big, saturated green ones.  They feel like leaf pressings on steroids.

[via pinterest]

[Lauren Liess, Pure Style Home]

For a moodier approach, how about something like this?


Gorgeous. I love how sort of dark and ethereal these are, and especially love how casually (and crookedly!) they are tacked up over the little table.

And in reverse, white floral on black ground:

[I guess I could have cropped this ad, but this way it self-credits]

I find it interesting that all of these are in pairs, maybe in tribute to all those classic botanical groupings with dozens of plates on a wall?  (Speaking of which, how about super sizing the whole grouping, for maximum effect?)

Maybe it's simply because people like the balance in pairs, or decorators have too much wall space to fill.  No matter.  I'm a fan.

Oh, but this lonely guy works, too, don't you think?

So what do you think?  Would you go big?  What's your favorite?