Art You Can Afford: Exhibition A

My super-cool art world cousin told me about this one.  (Need proof that he's super cool?  Five words: Yoko Ono's right hand man).  And, while I will admit these are less affordable than other edition sites out there, the artists are heavy hitters, the editions are small(ish), and many of them are stretched canvas editions of paintings, as opposed to the ubiquitous prints on paper.

It's a member site, and it's actually pretty fun to get their emails with announcements of new sales and great content like interviews with the artists.

I also love that they show the pieces in styled rooms, for context.
Without further ado, my picks.  In context, and details.

Jessica Craig-Martin, Mondrian Pug, $175/$325, here

Peter Sutherland, Herding the Flock, $300, here

Olaf Breuning, Roof, $175/$300, here

Les Rogers, Large There $175/$300, here

Luis Gispert, Untitled (Fluid Exchange), $250, here

Luis actually participated in an artists' round table I helped organize way back in 2004.  And these next two artists participated in The Dreamland Artist Club, a Creative Time project that brought hand-painted signage back to Coney Island in 2004 and 2005.  Having worked with them, I feel more personally invested in making these recommendations!

Jules de Balincourt, Dismounted, $300/$400, here

Steve Powers, You and Me, $200, here

And finally, even though this one is way out of my price range, I can't seem to get enough of art with words (maybe because I'm a writer?), especially if the sentiment is whimsical, melancholy, uplifting, or, I'll admit, tragic.

Rene Ricard, Boat, $450/$610, here

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?  Tell me where you would put one of these in your own home.  

I would put Boat in my main floor powder room, pair the Olaf Breuning Roof with this David Byrne poster in my laundry room, and try to find space for Large There in this guest room that I'm working on.  Oh, and I think Herding the Flock belongs at my friend (and Maid of Honor) Marni's house.  Just in case you're reading, Marn.