technical difficulties

Now, I swore I would never have a "technical difficulties" day.  Especially since I have my very own IT department in residence (aka my husband, who takes great pleasure in building new computers or souping up old ones).  And yet here I am.  Let me give you a little picture of what's happening.  Dave bought all the parts for a new computer, which he is building.  The old computer has been crashing regularly, and then gets really cranky about starting up again.  All of my photos are on that computer.  And all of my scanned image files are on an external hard drive, which seems to be the device that wins any race to crash the old computer.  I am writing this from our tiny netbook, which has a teeny keyboard and minimal programs.  So even though I can access the external hard drive from this computer, I can't resize the images, which means blogger won't upload them. 

I've wasted the past hour and a half trying to work around these issues (and getting a post half up with three crashes interrupting the process.)  Hopefully I will be back later with something exciting!  And new!  And exciting!  But just didn't want anyone wondering what happened to me.

In the meanwhile, I'll be varnishing a slab of wood to double our desk space to accommodate computer number two.  Maybe working with the fumes in a closed garage will help me forget my woes?

A girl can hope.
Heather Peterson