SO much DIY inspiration...on OKL

I suppose inspiration can strike when you least expect it, yes?

I love the One Kings Lane Tastemaker at Twilight Tag sales.  Even with the great, reduced prices, most of the goods are still out of reach for me, but the curator in me loves looking at these great collections of beautiful objects, and watching what sells out the fastest is like a little litmus test for trends.

For some reason, three of the sales tonight were just chock full of adapatable ideas for the DIYer, and I kind of can't wait to try some of these out.  Ready?

Let's start with the easiest project, and save the more advanced stuff for later.

This is a photo of morroccan tile.

Any really cool, graphic pattern, whether tiles or other architectural detail, would be cool, so long as there's a good amount of detail and, better yet, depth.  Shoot it with your digital camera with some bright light for shadows, print, and frame.  Boom.

Now, how about some decoupage?  Okay, old news, but fresh when applied to interesting objects, like a vintage suitcase

A screen (especially if you have a really basic one to divide a room)

Or a couple of teapots (!)

Or even the base of a lamp (personally, I would pair it with a very simple shade and let the base be the star)

While we're at it, how about using unusual materials in upholstery?  Here's another fun use of a quilt--love it paired with the black wicker.

And a graphic vintage scarf dresses up a simple ottoman

While we're putting scarves on things, how about vintage chanel on a pendant shade?  Yes please.

No vintage Chanel on hand?  How about some wallpaper scraps?  I love the pattern here (maybe I could use this?), but even a textured wallpaper would work, and because the edges don't fray, like fabric, you could adhere the wallpaper pieces and leave the edges raw--no need for ribbon, bias tape, or other trim as you need with fabric shades.

If you happen to have a wallpaper roller lying around (you know, because you made your own wallpaper for the pendant project), why not turn it into a lamp base?  If you want to be really clever, use the wallpaper shade on the roller base.  Full circle, yo.

(If you like recycled bases and custom shades, but don't have any interest in making them yourself, check out the stylings of blogger Mod Nest, who offers quite a selection of lamps on her site; while the shop appears to be undergoing maintenance, the lamp orphanage still has some good stuff).

And while we're getting crafty with lamps, how about using the ultimate craft material: popsicle sticks.

I smeall a family project coming on (you know my husband and my 4 year old will be far better at this than me, right?) and I'm sure my kids would like very much to volunteer to eat all the popsicles to procure the sticks.  Won't they be disappointed to know you can just buy these things, and cheap.

And you know what this lamp needs?  A macrame headboard.  Oh yes it does.  Other macrame inspiration here.

And finally, we come to our most challenging OKL inspired DIY project: Lacy emroidered panels.

To be honest, I can't exactly see what's going on here, but I like the look, and I'm imagining taking your standard ikea panel and going at it with all kinds of embellishments. If only I had a place for such things....

Do you see potential here? Anything you'd like to try?

All images,

I love feeling all creative and inspired.  Now, id only I didn't have an ottoman that needs brass tacks....