Flashback Friday: My mom's teen room

My mom found this picture of her room from her teen years, and I can't tell you how much I LOVE it.  First up: that FABRIC.  Love the feeling of movement in the floral, and the blue that keeps it from being too sweet.  But how about the matching bedspread, drapes, and cornice?  And the detailed scalloped edge on the cornice?  And don't get me started on those pink moire chairs.  This is why I love moire: it seems that my grandmother loved it, too.  IT may feel old fashioned and grandmothery now, but I think it's classic, and almost faux-bois texture of it will always seem modern to me.  (I made chartreuse moire bolsters for my girls' room and insisted on fern moire tablecloths at my wedding.)  Of course I love the hexagon table and the white and brass lamp.  But the stroke of genius is grounding it all on that sea of raspberry wall to wall.  I've been crushing on raspberry ever since moving into this house and putting it on the girls's headboards and the guest room curtains.

I also just noticed that the bulky thing on the hex side table is a turntable.  Very hip, mom!