Twin Cities Locals: My pics from the latest Jobs Foundation auction

I know I have mentioned before that I stumbled upon a great source for vintage goods through craigslist. Back in the fall, I was looking for a dresser for my daughters' room and found a 6-drawer campaign chest on C-list for $75. When I called to snatch it up, they told me it was actually listed in an online auction. So I had to wait a week and risk losing out on it, but in the end I bought it for $40! And the Jobs Foundation, which ran the auction, has programs that helps place the disadvantaged with jobs, so you're giving to a good cause AND buying good stuff at killer prices.

I am currently the high bidder on this stretched canvas, at $5.

(it's really big-- 3' x 4' -- and I'm thinking of it for the front entry. I need big, cheap art, and that's not always easy to find!) Am I crazy? Perhaps.

Another auction just launched, and here are my faves. Since the bidding just opened, everything currently stands at about $2.

Kitchenette set: love the shape of the chairs, especially the wood legs (so many similar chairs have chrome). The table looks like it might be veneered, but you could always swap it out for the Ikea Doksta.

Pair of vintage plates depicting horse races. The frames look nice, and I love things in pairs!

Elephant lamp. If it's brass or brass plate, I would just clean it up. Otherwise, a coat of high gloss white or green and a new shade and you'd have a winner.

Kick-ass rockin' coffee table. I want it. If no one else bids on it and it stays around the $2 mark, I might have to buy it even though I just bought this wood one and plan to upholster the top to turn it into an ottoman.

Awesome 12-drawer chest with brass campaign-style pulls. I even love the yellow tone of the woodwork and the outlined edge of the drawers.

Sweet little velvet armchair. Perfect for a little girls room or nursery.

I want. I want. I want.
There's something so appealing about the FIRST piece of furniture you think about for a room, before it gets complicated, isn't there.

Do you have any favorite second hand resources in your town?